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Riverside Aeromodelers Sociecty  
(RAMS) is an AMA Sanctioned Gold  
Leader club in the Triad region of  
North Carolina.  We have one of  
the best flying facilities in the  
state with a 1000 feet of carefully  
maintained grass runway and a  
wide open flying area.
When there are more than 2 aircraft of any type flying at the
field, ALL aircraft must fly in the pattern.  The wind direction
will dictate the direction of the pattern unless all pilots in the
air agree to a different direction.
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Current Weather at the Field
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Next club meeting is our annual X-mas party: Tuesday, December 6th at 6:00 PM at Little Italy See Hot News on the right side of this page for detals.
Note the earlier start time of the X-mas party - 6:00 PM.  We will hold our tradtional Food Drive and Dirty Santa game.  You must bring at  least 2 food items and a gift worth up to $15 to play in the game.  Any questions can be directed to Ken Blackford at:   kblackford@imageworksdisplay.com
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